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We invite you to visit the official website of our grandfather Richard Strauss.
It is not our intention, to "popularize" his work. The effect of his work as a composer, conductor and artistic director became so global throughout his lifetime that even today, over 50 years after his death, his works continue to enjoy great international success.

We still have vivid memories of Richard Strauss as a person, who was not only the ingenious creator of "Zarathustra" and the "Rosenkavalier", but also a loving grandfather. We would like to share these memories with you.
Perhaps you are a passionate opera and concert aficionado – then these insights into the workshop of the genius will arouse your curiosity.  Perhaps you know only a few pieces of Richard Strauss that have been used in movies or advertisements on television – then you will be fascinated to learn that he was the creator of almost 300 musical works.
Perhaps you also have an interest in his life, which began during the years of candles and oil lamps and ended during the atomic age.
Come and visit Richard Strauss.  A life full of triumphs, sometimes shaken by crisis and not without contradictions awaits you:  the life of a genius who has so much to offer you.
The Richard Strauss Family
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Terms of Use

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